Belly Binding Works! – By Brooke Burke

An Ancient Tradition
It wasn’t until my third pregnancy that I heard about the tradition of belly binding. My friends and family from around the globe had been in on this age-old secret, where women simply wrap the post-partum belly to help tighten the abdominal muscles and flatten the belly. For my French mother-in-law, it was actually a mandatory custom in France to bind your belly following delivery. It was a proven method to bring your baby belly back to its original size quickly and naturally.

I'm Sold!
After hearing many success stories I thought, “Say no more!” I quickly went to work researching what products were available on the market. To my disappointment, there were not many, and the products that I did find were complicated and very uncomfortable to wear for an extended period of time. 

I Couldn't Find A Perfect Solution
But I was determined to give myself the best shot at getting back in shape. I tried everything - I used an ace bandage, a corset, and I even tried a back supporter. I experimented with anything to get the right compression and snug fit.

But It Worked!
It was a HUGE pain, but I stuck to it and to my surprise IT WORKED! I got back in shape easier at 35 with my third baby than I did in my 20s. Immediately after giving birth to Rain, I wrapped my belly for 40 days and nights. To the right is a picture of me just 3 months after delivery. 

A New Design
After experiencing what wrapping the post-pregnant tummy could do firsthand, I decided to put together a team to design and construct my own version of a compression wrap. My goal was to provide a comfortable and beautiful garment that every new mom could wear to get back into shape quickly and naturally. Thus, Tauts was born.

They're available in both Pure and Lace!

Tauts Post-Pregnancy Wraps

I never intended to start a business; I only knew that I had discovered a method to quickly get your post-pregnancy belly back. By the time I delivered my fourth baby, Shaya, I was 37 years old. Luckily by then I had perfected the Tauts Post-Pregnancy Wrap and I committed to wearing it for 40 days and 40 nights. I wore my Tauts day and night, only taking it off when I needed a break for bathing and breast-feeding.

What Tauts Did For Me
Tauts supported my extra baby skin, helped my uterus shrink very quickly and reminded me to keep my core engaged which retrained my abdominal muscles. It also felt great to have the support and even made my abdominal area appear tighter in clothes.

A Natural Way to Get Back in Shape

It’s that simple! Tauts is a natural approach to getting back in shape. It really works and every new mother deserves that chance. After four pregnancies, I know how much your body changes during pregnancy. I also know from experience and hard work that it doesn’t have to be forever.

I have a Tauts tummy and so can you! Get yours now!


Brooke Burke