How To Plan A Baby Shower

Having a baby shower can be a lot of planning for the baby shower organizer. While there is no standard baby shower itinerary, we can pass on some general tidbits that hopefully can help in planning the event. It is important to point out that there is no right or wrong order of events. Make sure the mommy to be is the focus and ask her what she would like to see as well. Here are some of our suggestions.

Welcome Period

Have a baby shower sign in sheet where guests can sign a pre-made cute board/book or something creative a baby shower guest has made. This is great for those memories to look back on to see who attended the shower. It is also great to leave room and ask for a remark or advice as it is fun to read. Have someone who knows the most guests at the front to greet.

Ice Breakers and Mingling

The beginning of the baby shower is great for people to get to know one another, especially if you have different groups of friends and family. Have a pre-designated spot for baby shower gifts. Have some finger foods and drinks as people feel more comfortable with food and drink as they meet and greet.

MC (Mother of Ceremony) and Organizers Welcome

Have everyone sit down (unless you are at a restaurant with everyone already sitting) and have a little speech about the mother-to-be as well as thanking everyone for coming. The mother to be may want to say something which is great. It is fun to let everyone know to take pictures, sign the welcome book/board if they have not and to get food. More time to socialize and for the mother to be to walk around is fun.

Game Time

While people are finishing eating, it is fun to start the baby shower games and have those baby shower guests that want to play get involved while the others can watch or socialize. Some games are great to play as a group so no one feels like they have to participate if they just want to be an active spectator.

Dessert Time

After playing the baby shower games, it's time to serve the desserts. Whether you have them on a table or are at a restaurant and are each served, this is a great time for speeches for anyone that wants to speak and give their funny or sentimental thoughts about the mother and father to be.

Gift Giving

It is customary to give the host(s) and planner(s) who throws the baby shower a gift for helping. This gift can be more sentimental than expensive and is a little thank you and memento. This is the time the mommy-to-be usually thanks everyone and especially those that helped plan the party as well as her mom and mother-in-law.

Present Opening

It is customary at the end of the baby shower to open the baby shower gifts for those who want to stay. Many like to watch the gift-opening but by having it at the end of the shower, no-one is committed to having to stay for the entire gift opening. It is also a time for social conversation for those who want to sit in the back and talk. It is very helpful for someone to take notes for the mommy-to-be on what she gets from whom so she can later write the thank you cards.

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