How to Plan a Pregnancy After Weight Loss Surgery

Some women have a special surgery or procedure in order to lose weight. The motivations behind this decision vary, but one reason many women undergo such a drastic measure is so that they'll be healthy enough to have a child naturally. Becoming pregnant after weight loss surgery is absolutely possible! But women who want to do this must be careful to do it the healthy way and not try to speed the process.

Play the Waiting Game

Most doctors agree that it's important to wait at least a year after weight loss surgery before getting pregnant. During this time your body will be able to fully heal and you'll be able to continue losing weight by eating healthy and exercising. It's important for you to be completely healthy before your belly becomes a place where a little person is growing! Since weight loss during pregnancy can be harmful to your unborn child, it's healthiest if you are done losing weight before you get pregnant.

Discuss Plans with Your Doctor

As soon as you decide on trying to conceive, tell your doctor about it. Talk about any health issues you may have had since the surgery and what your diet consists of currently, and discuss how your diet will need to change in the coming months. It's vital that your doctor be filled in on these details since he or she may have critical advice for women in your situation.

Vitamin Up!

Women who have undergone weight loss surgery need to take more vitamins than other women, and the same goes for when they are pregnant. It may be necessary to get a prescription for special prenatal vitamins--while it's beneficial for all women to take them during pregnancy, it's especially vital if the mommy-to-be has had weight loss surgery.

Test Your Blood

A blood test can show you if you're lacking any essential vitamins. If your levels of calcium, iron, or any other important nutrients are low, talk to your doctor about how you can increase them through additional supplements or an altered diet.

One Last Piece of Advice

Even though you may feel a thousand times better post-surgery than you did before, it's absolutely essential to consult a physician before trying to have a child. Remember that a healed and healthy body benefits you AND the baby you will soon carry!