How to Plan for a Pregnancy Labor Bag

Imagine this: you’re at home, your water breaks, and before you know it, you’re out the door!

Not so fast! You need your favorite snack, camera, comfortable robe, and you definitely can’t leave behind the lip balm that works magic. Save yourself the trouble and preplan your pregnancy labor bag so it’s ready to go when you’re ready to go.


The Essentials

• You’ll need a toiletry bag. Pack hair bands, soap and shampoo, deodorant, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and some lip balm.
• You might be there a while, so make sure you bring comfortable clothing. Pack that soft bathrobe, your favorite nightgown, nursing bras, nursing pads, slippers, underwear, socks and some loose clothes.
• If you wear glasses or contact lenses, don’t forget them or the solution.
• The appropriate paperwork! Be sure to bring your birth plan, insurance cards, and any other admission papers that are required of you.
• You’ll also need pads and a wash cloth. Perhaps pick a bright color so it doesn’t get lost with the hospital wash clothes.

For Labor

• Have snacks on hand. Lollipops and hard candy remedy a dry mouth while energy bars and fruit give you that boost you’re looking for. Perhaps bring along some pocket change in case you or your husband have a craving for a vending machine snack.
• Bring a watch or stopwatch to time contractions.
• Have lotion or massage oil for a soothing massage.
• Tennis balls are perfect for lower back pains.

Make it Feel Like Home

• Bring that book that you’ve been dying to read or finish since you’ve been pregnant.
• Create a labor playlist with all of your favorite songs and pop your iPod headphones right in.
• Have your partner bring along your favorite throw blanket or pillow. You’ll feel like you’re right at home with those things!


• You’ll want a list of phone numbers of people you want to call after you deliver your baby.
• Be sure to bring a set of thank you cards and notes, alongside a bag to carry home gifts and hospital supplies.
• Also, don’t forget the Baby Book!
• Be sure you have an approved car seat for the baby, as well as instructions on how to securely install it.
• Bring clean, fresh outfits for your family for the ride home