How to Prevent and Ease Nausea During Pregnancy

So the joy of pregnancy has started to wane as you’ve hit the middle of your dreaded first trimester with terrible morning sickness. It’s hard to keep food down or you just feel wicked nauseous all the time. This too will pass. Just keep thinking about that bundle of joy on the way. In the mean time, here are some tips to get you through the tough times:

Stay Hydrated

Especially if you’re throwing up at all, it’s crucial to drink liquids to compensate for all those lost fluids. Try not to gulp water down, but slowly sip it throughout the day. Carbonated sodas may work even better to settle your stomach. This is the biggest key to keeping you from falling into dangerous dehydration.

Eat Every Few Hours

Try and eat smaller meals and space them out throughout your day every couple of hours. Stomach acid and low blood sugar are two main culprits that make you feel sick, so eating frequently will keep them at bay. Plus, smaller meals are easier to get down and keep down if you’re feeling ill.

More Bland Food

Try and stay away from any food or drink that may upset your stomach even more. Absolutely no caffeine, alcohol, spicy, or really fatty foods. Bland is best right now, especially if you’re having trouble keeping anything down. Try munching on some plain crackers whenever you feel a wave of nausea.

Ginger or Lemon

Some women swear by the natural remedies found in ginger or lemon. By incorporating these two ingredients into parts of your diet, you’ll be feeling better in no time! Try ginger tea with slices of lemon, ginger ale, or even ginger snaps. Sometimes just the smell of lemon can ease the nausea as well.

Go For a Little Walk

As much as you’d just like to stay in bed, it might be better to get outside and breathe some fresh air. A change in environment might take your mind off of how sick you feel and a little exercise releases endorphins to make you feel better overall. You can escape any powerful smells that might be making you feel ill inside and get a little sunshine.

Maybe Eat a Little at Night

You may feel sick in the morning mostly because you don’t have anything in your stomach. Have a few snacks by your bed that you can munch on right before you go to sleep, or in the middle of the night if you wake up hungry. This should help settle your stomach a little as it goes through all of these hormonal changes.

Relax and Take Naps

Extra stress may upset your stomach even further, so take extra efforts to relax and lighten the pressures on yourself. If you’re able, sneak away for a short power nap in the middle of the day to give your body a chance to reboot. Otherwise, make sure you’re getting enough sleep and don’t rush around in the morning. Give yourself a few extra minutes to get ready slowly to prevent jarring your body into nausea.

Reach Out to Your Doctor

If you’re starting to hit the breaking point and think you may need medical attention, please seek it out! If you are vomiting several times a day and don’t see improvement from any of these strategies, it’s important to visit your doctor as soon as possible. They can give you some prescription strength anti-nausea meds and re-hydrate you quickly to get your feeling better fast.