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I wore the Baboosh everyday during our 2 weeks of rehearsals for Hangin' Out. I was so happy and very suprised to see the inches had melted off. My belly hasn't been that flat since Highschool. Baboosh helped me tighten and tone my middle, but most of all it baboosted my naked confidence!!!


I ordered it only because I needed the "extra support" when I exercised after having the tummy tuck!  A year later I am still wearing the Baboosh when I exercise and am still losing weight!


Many thanks I have received my product and tried it last night when I went for a long walk... Could not believe it! Love this product!!


I was seriously skeptical about using the Baboosh Body Sport. I couldn't wrap my head around how this thin thing wrapped around my midsection was going to help me with something that has beena struggle for me since age 14. I lost an inch and a half just from March 6th, to March 17th! I wouldn't give this thing up for anything!


I am 56 years old and had a tummy tuck last November.  My Doctor is amazed at how much weight I have lost "around the middle"  and I know it's not only from the Tummy Tuck but from wearing my Baboosh Body when I exercise.  It's amazing and you need to let the "older" women know about this!  It's the BEST....I LOVE it so much!


Let me tell you first hand, I used one and LOVED it. I don't think I'd have another kid without one! I wore it day and night within hours of having Dylan and within a week and a half, two weeks, my stomach was almost completly unswollen again. I don't know how it would have gone if I didn't use one, but I will say that I'm pretty sure it helped significantly! I would highly recommend it, I'm glad you are going to use it too! I think it says to wear it for the first 40 days/nights?, I didn't have to use it that long. Let me know what you think of it!!!